Hogwartstale Mettaton by Blackmoonrose13

Hogwartstale Mettaton


3 May 2016 at 10:11:46 MDT

Lines by http://gadan-yuumei.deviantart.com/
Lines http://fav.me/d9v0ye5
Speed Paint https://youtu.be/YHMsi2qV-30
Song used https://youtu.be/ukKB3soKq68 (his cover is awesome)
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My friend came up with this idea for a hogwarts undertale crossover and to be honest I LOVE IT.

So today we have the fabulous wonderful Mettaton! -does a pose- After talking to some friends they all agreed that Mettaton should be in Slytherin. Therefore Metta is in the house of the snek.

Now for the background if you like it please go here http://www.redbubble.com/people/blackmoonrose13/works/21646862-sparkle-hearts You can buy only the background. Please you know you want to.

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