Gamer Jubilee by Blackmoonrose13

Gamer Jubilee


4 March 2016 at 10:13:24 MST

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Inks by Myself
Speed Paint

I will admit kinda irked there is no pc gaming ref but its cool. I mean we got some classic Super Nintendo here but no pc? I am cool I am cool. You know I keep thinking about the first episode of the 90s x-men cartoon you know Jubilee in the arcade....okay she blew it up but it was still, I could see it as a gate way into her getting into gaming, like it was for little old me.

So I went for the colors of her iconic 90s outfit, But I am noticing the blue isn't that noticeable....Oh well I tried.

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    For pc gaming you coulda had a laptop bag hanging off her. =P