Rarity by Blackmoonrose13



19 February 2016 at 09:51:37 MST

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Behold the fifth part of a few of a series that my sister requested....She loves my little pony, so now I will do it....I never got into the show any form of them....I will endure. So I tried to get accurate to colors....but since they are humans I did use various skin tones and what not.

Today we have Rarity the lady of pretty and beauty and based on the lady of beauty, Lupita Nyong'o well her skin tone at least. Have you seen how beautiful she is on the red carpet and not on the red carpet she is?

So Any way I will admit I did have issues with the white....me and the color white do not get along when it comes to coloring and shading. It does not like me but Rarity isn't fully white, she is like white with blueish tones...so there was a small bit of hope you know.

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