Always by Blackmoonrose13



21 January 2016 at 08:51:46 MST

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Speed Paint

As we all know a while back Alan Rickman died....I have always been a fan excited to see a new movies and new work. I was really sad and shocked that such a great man an actor has left us. I feel need a hug.

I kinda was putting off doing a work because well all the Snape related art work is a little to humorous and not really warranted. Luckily I found a doe and decided to create it into Snape's patronus, then I made it look like it was in the stars all in heaven and all that.

I really hope I did this really well and my feelings are in this. I really wish I could do more but wow its really hard some times you know?

I hope you guys like it tell me what you think and all that.