Jack vs Rosie by Blackmoonrose13

Jack vs Rosie


27 December 2015 at 10:40:40 MST

Lines by http://mikedimayuga.deviantart.com/
Lines http://fav.me/d1mvoij
Speed Paint https://youtu.be/2pN-Wixy3KQ
Song used https://youtu.be/nlu2z2gkhhI
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I felt as little bioshocky. So I found one of this in my archives....I remember asking to color this years ago. Oh boy....sorry it took so long to color it heh heh I feel very awkward.

Any way I tried to be accurate for the colors of the Rosie Big Daddy. The little sister as well and when I did research on the little sister apparently they wanted to did Black little sisters http://bioshock.wikia.com/wiki/File:DiverceSisters3.jpg and Asian little sisters http://bioshock.wikia.com/wiki/File:DiverceSisters1.jpg ....part of me wants to see that come on it would have been cool.

Any way As for the background, the line artist stated they did use something from the concept art and did filters....I found that said concept art and it was all blue....so I found in game art of rapture. and just well did what I could.

I really hope you like this.

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