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Skater Link by Blackmoonrose13

Skater Link


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Speed Paint
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Just a Skater Link he Said see you that sk8er boi reference didn't work like I planed. I thought it was gonna be funny....I failed -sad face-

So any way I know the Zelda fan boys will soon come after me in droves going. "This is based on Ocarina of Time Link why did you use the colors of Twilight Princess Link!?" Well I will explain....I thought white pants on a skater looked hear me skaters who wear white pants I think it looks stupid you are wearing pants that are gonna get filthy with all your falling....wear dark pants people!!!! This has been fashion advice from Cat.

So yes I used Twilight Princess Link colors because I thought it would make a better Skater look to me....and honestly I really like it. I made the skate board look like the Hylian Sheild as for the buttons I went for well the goddess colors and Zelda because why not.

For the background I was just uh....experimenting....Imagine what it will be.

I hope you like please watch the video with ads on, subscribe, support and all that. Thank you.