Female Merc Line Up by Blackmoonrose13

Female Merc Line Up


10 August 2015 at 11:11:53 MDT

Lines by http://krevetron.tumblr.com/ (warning there blog has some ranchy stuff on there so you know if you aren't into that)
Lines http://krevetron.tumblr.com/post/118917244278/all-the-fem-mercs-all-of-them-3-edit-larger
Speed Paint http://youtu.be/zCh6nDDgNAg
Songs used https://youtu.be/PDM2qukzKwg https://youtu.be/8YI1zFQF-T8 (By request of the artist)

So I found the artist blog loved their work. We started talking I showed them my work, I saw the lines of there female merc designs ask if I could color they said yes and here I am.

So I really love the designs here and I did my best color ideas. I hope you guys like it