Tiana and Elsa Goto the Ballet by Blackmoonrose13

Tiana and Elsa Goto the Ballet


10 August 2015 at 08:36:24 MDT

Lines by http://riddlemeroxy.tumblr.com/
Lines http://riddlemeroxy.tumblr.com/post/117160286995/commission-for-rootbeersweetheart-of-elsa-and
Speed Paint http://youtu.be/aR82ITkO3cY
Song used https://youtu.be/BUw5mnfQwfw (I had to)

Any way this was a commission trade thingy....long story from a friend http://rootbeersweetheart.tumblr.com/ They commissioned the line artist to do Tiana and Elsa going going the ballet then asked me to color it. I said yes and I cleaned up the sketch a bit....a lot I will admit it it might have hiccuped in a few spots when cleaning up the lines I will be honest.

Now when I colored it I suffered from the thing I had a feeling I would suffer from. The after con and I would be commissioned over thinking curse.

Over think 1 I was thinking to texturize the dresses....I kept having issues and wanting to texture and I then went I am over thinking what's wrong with you.

Over think 2 I originally thought to 2 tone Elsa's dress then I worried that I would pull more focus on Elsa and no offence she gets to much focus to begin with....and trust me I no like it Did you hear that DISNEY HUH? Sorry So I thought Two tone Tiana then I notice Elsa's dress looks fine one tone.

Over think 3 the back ground I thought lets do stairs....couldn't do that....then thought let's do fountain....messed up that....so remembered the star brushes I got http://fav.me/d1kkevg and well played around and tada.

I hope you like Rooty.

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