Headshot Casra! by BlackHeartSpiral

Headshot Casra!


25 February 2013 at 19:34:57 MST

One of the first example headshots I did when I started up my Iron Artist headshot attempt.

This is my Oct'thul (heavily based on Illithid/Mind Flayer type monsters) Casra. She WAS a Mind Flayer in a DnD campaign I played but I got so engrossed at one time with her and making others of her kind with the crazy colors/etc you'd expect from cephalopods that I created my own race.

Basically, they still eat brains...but tend to eat pretty much everything else as well. A psionic monster humanoid which isn't much of a hop skip and jump from the origins besides the fact they are more, well, animal-esque in the department of octopi and squid I guess.

I just really like Mind Flayers ok? AJhdjkhsaf

Casra is a big sweet heart though. I used to draw her a whole bunch back in 2009. Many a people missed her. Some stuff happened back then and I feel out of playing with her...I want to change that honestly and draw others as well. I have way to many projects blowing up my head however. Gotta love over active imagination time.

Casra © C.M.G Blackheartspiral

Please do not copy/alter/redistribute! Thanks. :)

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