Inner Struggle - Black Electric and MysteriousBronie by BlackElectric

Inner Struggle - Black Electric and MysteriousBronie

Inner Struggle - Black Electric and MysteriousBronie


15 November 2012 at 21:51:20 MST



Art done by Glitcher:

This is a collab between MysteriousBronie and I. It's taken months and months, but it's finally done! The song basically takes you through the mind of Luna shortly before becoming Nightmare Moon.


Black Electric:

Black Electric - Guitars, Bass, Drums

MysteriousBronie - Lyrics, Vocals, Orchestral bits, Mixing/Mastering


what is this beast i've become

please make this nightmare undone

i never wanted to become this mare of darkness and death

i wanted recognition

not this complete distruction

please someone save me from this nightmare that i have brought on

this is your judgment day

this is your time to pay

so nightmare moon why dont you pack your bags and just go away

this is the darkness of the night

this is what you wanted my dear

when you came to me you were just a child

and i raised you up to be a mare of the night

to rule equestria in darkness and fright

you cant resist the power i've offered you

its true that i desire power

with this bring my finest hour

will this take away my freadom and my soul

the ponies do not love me they prefere my shining sister

i will not stand for it anymore the night, will, last ,forever

i'm sorry sister i've betrayed you and equestria

this nightmare that i've brought you can not beat my dear celestia

this is the future of our world

i hope you see it as i do, cause

if you dont then i will have to kill you too

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    Very nicely done. The lyrics are well written. I like it. It doesn't sound like Luna before she becomes Nightmare Moon.