He hits me again ... by BlackDragon07

He hits me again ...


9 April 2015 at 12:23:24 MDT

Read this first: I'm sorry for posting this terrible work, I make it only by boredom. It was just supposed to be a sketch / speed paint, I finally painted and colored it seriously, and I have spent many hours on it than my usual work. So sorry for the anatomy mistakes, I traced it so fast, and I was not as perfectionist than usual. By cons, there is a story behind this drawing (which I had in mind for a while ...). Thank you for your understanding.

Poor little thing ... This Pawniard is supposed to be Katana (my bisharp fan-character,when she was younger). As I have already told in her bio., Katana has a cruel father, who hates and hit her (because he finds her weak, and preferes her twin brother ). It looks like her father beat her again, and the poor little Katana, crying, has to find refuge to her mother. Unlike her father, her mother is a quiet, and very protective Bisharp. She really loves tenderly her two children, and always comforted them in times of hardship.

Unfortunately for Katana (and her brother), their father disappears happen overnight in forcibly taking the two children (causing them to be part of his horde). The twins will never see their mother again, and wondering if their father had just ousted her from the pack (because in a horde only one Bisharp can be the leader), or worse, if he had killed her. This remains a mystery ...

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(C)Katana, Scimitar and their story belongs to BlackDragon07.
(C)Pokemon (Pawniard & Bisharp) belongs to Nintendo.

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