The duo: Scrafty & Bisharp by BlackDragon07

The duo: Scrafty & Bisharp


27 February 2015 at 11:20:41 MST

Yep, I was very inspired that day, so I create new pokemon fan-characters, and their story.
This time, I chose Pokemon of the 5th generation (despite being not a big fan of it).

Yeah! A female Bisharp, because they are awesome. And I think this is definitely my favorite pokemon of generation 5. And now, the bio. and short story (I apologize in advance if there are errors and confusions in the text, English is not my native language).

-Name: Katana
-Gender: Female
-Orientation: Lesbian (Girlfriend: Madness (Scrafty))
-Race: Pokemon (Bisharp)
-Birthplace: Unova
-Age (in human age): 23 years

-Family: Her parents are Bisharp, she has also a twin brother named Scimitar (a shiny male Bisharp)

-Character: Very bad, often nasty, arrogant and extremely jealous. But she is also vulnerable (due to the violence she suffered from her father).

-MiniBio.: When she was a Pawniard, she and her brother were part of the horde of her father (a violent and aggressive Bisharp, rather bloodthirsty and always in search of new territory to conquer to be the most powerful). She was not always bad, she has become, because her father hated her (he preferred rather her twin brother), insulted, despised, treated her of weak, and even hit her. Only her brother loved her and did everything possible to protect her from her father.

-Friends: Madness (Scrafty), who is also her girlfriend.

-Trivia: -She has a heart tattooed on her right thigh.

  • She has her own horde of Pawniard
  • The relation between her and her brother is rather complicated (since the two pokemon evolved into Bisharp), they often argue and are clashing their own horde. (But inside her heart, Katana loves her brother).

-Name: Madness
-Gender: Genderfluid (female)
-Race: Pokemon (Scrafty)
-Birthplace: Unova
-Age (in human age): 25 years

-Character: Punk, antisocial, arrogant, sarcastic, loudmouth and provocative, but she is very coward when it comes to execute what she had just said.

-MiniBio.: When she was a Scraggy, she lived with her family and her clan, in a desert in Unova (Territory of the Scrafty). While she could have a peaceful life, one day, her clan was attacked by an agressive Bisharp, who wanted this territory. The members of her clan fought back as best they could, but unfortunately, most of them were killed and the others fled, leaving the territory in the hands of the Bisharp.

-Passions: tagging walls, broken everything …
-Friends: Katana (Bisharp), who is also her Girlfriend
-Trivia: - Her name Madness, comes from a song.

  • She hates Katana’s brother, and nicknamed him sarcastically Mr je suis shiny

Shared story

While Katana’s father attacked the clan of Scrafty, and massacred the members, one after the other, Madness was separated from her parents (she would never see them again, she did not even know if they have fled or are dead) in the confusion of battle, and was left alone, to flee. In her flight, unfortunately she fell face to face with a female Pawniard, which belonged to Bisharp‘s horde. The Pawniard has a heart tattoo on her right thigh, and sharpened her blades in order to kill Madness. Terrified, she could not move, her legs would not obey her, and she said to herself that her end was near. The Pawniard was going to shoot down her blade on her when suddenly she stopped abruptly her actions. « No! I can not ... I can not hurt you ... » said the female Pawniard, almost in tears. She peered nervously around and says to Madness : « My father should certainly not see that I have let you live, follow me, I'll show you where to go safely. » Madness obeyed blindly to the Pawniard, fortunately for her, she had kept her promise. Before separating, the female Pawniard asks: « By the way, what’s your name?
-Madness. Answered just the Scraggy
-Well, and me, it‘s Katana, think about it! Continued the Pawniard. And now go our separate ways! Go far away, do not look back, and never comes back here! » , Madness obeyed, and had cross the entire region of Unova to find a new place to live.

She lived in a place called the Monkey Forest (since lived in greater numbers Simisage, Simipour, Simisear and their pre-evolutions), where she was adopted by a couple of Simisage and Simipour. She grew and evolved there; and led a quiet life with the monkeys Pokemon. But one day, Katana (who has evolved into Bisharp) reappeared in her life, search Madness through the whole Unova with her own horde of Pawniards. Madness thought that the latter was looking for her as she regrets having saved her life at the time, but it was different. The latter was looking for because in reality, she fell in love with her. Since then, the two Pokemon live together, and Katana even promised that if her horde of Pawniard become more stronger, she will attack her father to regain the territory and give it back to the Scrafty.

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(C)The Fan-characters Katana & Madness (and their story) belongs to BlackDragon07.
(C)Pokemon belongs to Nintendo

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