Pokecouple [Valentine's day 2015] by BlackDragon07

Pokecouple [Valentine's day 2015]


14 February 2015 at 11:21:06 MST

For the occasion of Valentine's Day 2015, I decided to draw some of my Pokemon fan-characters, which are couples.

1) Felix and Tisma: a gay couple. I found so cute to draw Tisma into his Rotom-mow form, for this picture.

2) Julia (the Togetic) and Gino (the Charizard): Both pokemons live a secret love, because of the large age difference between the two (Gino has virtually the same age as Kriss (Julia's father), and Julia is underaged (she is 16 years old). Kriss does not see this couple as a good thing because he has a habit of over-protect his daughter.

3) Kriss (When he was a young Togetic) and his mate: The female Togekiss, was a Pokemon who belongs to a trainer,and who died of injuries after a fight. I wanted to enjoy myself on the design of Togetic's evolution line. I drew Kriss as a small white dragon, and the female Togekiss, as a griffin or some kind of fantasy bird.

4)Hector (the stylish Gengar) and Zap'volt (nicknamed Zap) the mischievous female Rotom: They are Tisma 's parents.

5)Mike (the boxing champion Hitmonchan) and Lola (a capricious shiny female Hitmontop): And yes, a female Hitmontop! (I wanted to do something that goes beyond the restrictions of the game and the anime) This two are Felix 's parents.

6)Nuss (nicknamed Nutella) the Chesnaught and Stella the Greninja

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(C)The fan characters (Felix, Tisma, Nuss, Stella, Kriss, Hector, Zap'Volt, Mike
and Lola) and their story belong to BlackDragon07

(C)Pokemon (Togetic, Hitmontop, Rotom, gengar, Charizard, Greninja, chestnaught, and
Hitmonchan) belongs to Nintendo.

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