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The Isle by BlackDragon07

The Isle


8 July 2021 at 10:43:27 MDT

Albert the velociraptor and Black Rainbow the ceratosaurus are hanging out together. They ended up on something that looks like a big rock/small isle, somewhere on the lake.

Black Rainbow: "So awesome Albert! This place looks so cool and quiet!"
Albert: "Yeah, and there are so strange and exotics things here, I have never seen before!"
Black Rainbow: "Definitively! And the best is that Spinosa will never found us here!"
Albert: "Yes, sure! Hehe!"

Spinosa (thinking for herself): " Grrr! When are those two annoying fools gonna get off my back? I guess I have to scare them, but I'm too lazy now to do so. Where is Cayo, when I need him? Grrr! "

Color pencil drawing

Art and Characters (C) Carol (NightDragon07)

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