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Brave Heart ... by BlackDragon07

Brave Heart ...


24 August 2020 at 12:42:18 MDT

Nb: Brave Heart is the song played in Digimon adventure (1999) when a digimon evolves.

I was inspired to re-draw my Digimon-sona, and improve it. I was no longer very happy with its old design, so I guess I finally came up with a new design that fits me more.

And yeah, Mastemon and Weregarurumon are two forms that have always been part of my Digimon-sona (because they are easily in the top of my long list of favorite digimon), I just redesigned them and made small changes. And the champion form isn’t missed (it’s a Garurumon), but I had no more room to include it in the drawing.

So basically, this a drawing showing how my Digimon-sona evolves.

Traditional art (color pencils)
A3 paper

Art and sona (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)
Digimon (C) Bandai