Pride Month 2018 and Pokemon by BlackDragon07

Pride Month 2018 and Pokemon


10 June 2018 at 12:40:22 MDT

Just small drawings / Doodles to celebrate Pride month 2018.

N°1 : Just a nod to the future Pokemon game, Let's go Eevee.

N°2 : Alix, the Ten Wheel Locomotive (top right). Althrough she is female, she likes to confuse others by making them believe that she is male (it's mostly related to the fact that the railway is a very masculine world). For this occasion, her driver played a joke on her by putting a genderfluid flag on her funnel.

N°3 : My Pokemon-sona Sly the bisharp and Carol the Houndoom. (below)

Color pencil drawings

Art, Alix the Ten Wheel Locomotive © Carol (BlackDragon07)
Pokemon © Nintendo / Game Freak