Two forms ... by BlackDragon07

Two forms ...


27 April 2018 at 12:22:20 MDT

My sona, Carol in their dragon form and human form.

Nb: The dragon is a male, while the human form has no gender (considered agender or neutrois)

Watercolor painting

Carol (dragon and human form) (C) Carol ( Blackdragon07)


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    Nice dude, My sona Ultra can transform into anything Including CARS!

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      Thank you. ^^ Wow, your sona can transform into cars? That sounds really cool! =)

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        Yup he can turn into a Fox a Dinosaur etc. U name it!..
        BTW is it ok if I make u fan art

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          That's cool. ^^
          Yep, it's ok if you want to do a fanart.

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        That drawing Is So awesomely Intense that I'm also making an Image that is Similar/Inspired by this one!!! And NO I am not "Plagiarizing"..
        You will see it on my DA Soon! When I submit it to your group

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          If you take inspiration from my drawing, I have nothing against it as long it's not plagiarism as you say. Sounds cool, I will check this on Da. =)