[parody art] That crazy train ... by BlackDragon07

[parody art] That crazy train ...


27 April 2018 at 11:49:17 MDT

I'm on the Highway to Hell, on a Crazy Train ...

This drawing comes to my mind when I saw thisartwork: https://goo.gl/images/ycjvP1 ,it was so crazy that I wanted to draw my own version of it, with my own characters. So I did, I draw Carol in their human and dragon form, along my two Night-Spirit characters (respectively in their bat and owl form), in cartoon style. They are riding James, the red engine (Yeah, I know, I'm not good at drawing trains. xD).

Digital work

Art, Carol (human & dragon form), the Night-Spirit (C) Carol (BlackDragon07)

James the red engine(Railway series/Thomas the tank engine)
(C) Rev. W.Awdry

For those who don't get the Metal music references, "Highway to Hell" is a song by AC/DC and "Crazy Train", a song by Ozzy Osbourne.


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    Ahaha! It looking so cartoony)) I love this style especially of dragon and this human<3
    Very crazy and funny looking))) Great job!

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      Hehe,yeah! I wanted to do somathing more cartoony, even if I'm more used to manga style. xD
      Thank you very much my friend, I'm happy you like it, and that you like the dragon and his human form too. ^^