[Deviantart ID] The coolest comic ever ... by BlackDragon07

[Deviantart ID] The coolest comic ever ...


27 November 2017 at 12:17:23 MST

Ok, this is a crossover between my original-characters and Dc comics characters.

I was wondering what will my dragon Carol looks like as a Green Lantern construct, and in the american comics style. ('Must admit, it's a bit special! xD)

And why did I choose to draw Kyle Rayner here, rather than Hal Jordan?

  • Well, Kyle Rayner is my favorite Green Lantern (with Hal Jordan too), but also one of my all time favorite characters from the Dc universe.
  • In the comic, Kyle is an artist, I think he is the most capable character to produce artistic constructs, such as dragons. (The other Green Lanterns are more into weaponry, guns, military stuff, etc...).

Watercolor Painting
A4 paper (32x24 cm)

Art & Carol the blackdragon (C) BlackDragon07
Kyle Rayner / Green Lantern (C) Dc comics