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The clocksmith ... by BlackDragon07

The clocksmith ...


24 November 2016 at 11:51:30 MST

Drawing featuring my Oc-Elf, Terre d'Ombre.

Unlike the other dark elves of his race, Terre d'Ombre is not a very good blacksmith. Because he is not very strong physically and is more gifted in the field of magic and precision (ranged combat with magic, strategy, horology ...), than pure strength (Blacksmith job, fighting with heavy sword like weapons (he has a sword as fetish weapon, but it is much lighter as that of other elves), etc ...).

So that's why he abandoned the forge for the horology (Besides, Clocksmith is an extremely rare profession among the Dark Elves, only few of these creatures practice this profession).

On my drawing, you can see him in his factory, focus on his precision work, with his friend, the Great horned owl named Gadget.

Traditional work (mixed media)
Work on A3 Paper special watercolors

Art & Characters (Terre d'Ombre & Gadget) (C) BlackDragon07