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Reference Sheet: Jhadira by BlackDahlia

Reference Sheet: Jhadira


18 February 2014 at 22:35:33 MST

Jhadira is one of my favorite characters, she's kind, gentle and has strong morals towards helping those in need.

Jhadira is a lycanthrope, in that she can transform into a feral form wherein she appears as a young maned wolf. Her younger years were spent in imprisonment, tasked to serve as a guard dog to her keeper. Fitted with an iron Turkish wolf collar that was soldered into a permanent burden to carry, she was forced to fight other wolves, dogs and beasts that shared her similar fate, all for the sport and amusement of her keepers. Her left eye is permanently damaged because of this, causing her to be blind in that eye.

The details are foggy about how she ended up in enslavement or how she escaped, but currently Jhadira is employed as a city guard in a bustling coastal town that sees many travelers and much activity. Her life is now dedicated to the defense of the weak and always doing the right thing. She is very skilled in swordsmanship, always carrying her rapier at her side if ever in need. She has a very subdued personality but her young age shows through during her moments of bubbly enthusiasm.

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