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A Rockruff Scout's Rations by BizarreBlue

A Rockruff Scout's Rations


14 September 2018 at 16:00:05 MDT

Based on a d&d style rollplay with Pkmnguy6262. Her fennekin, Mangle, came a couple of seconds from becoming a permanent addition to a rockruff's waistline before getting rescued. Unfortunately, rescue seems a little slower to come in this version and one more belch from the pudgy scout is likely all it will take to remove the last of Mangle's air and bring the fennekin's struggles to a close.

Sten licks her lips in anticipation as she feels the remaining air bubbling up inside of her and prepares to finish off her over-sized meal. From the pressure in her belly, she can already tell that the final belch is going to be a big one. Over the next few hours, Mangle will be converted from a cute little fennekin, to a pool of nutritious sludge, and finally to mere flab beneath the rock type's fur. Still, at least his predator will remember him fondly, until she finds someone else to add to her haunches at any rate.

With a satisfied smirk, the rockruff leans forward and releases the last pockets of air from her stomach in a long, wet burp. Then, with a cheerful spring in her step, she prances back out of the cave in search of somewhere comfortable to rest and finish digesting her meal. Her belly bounces from side to side as she leaves, her taut skin bouncing the asphyxiating fennec around with every step. Fortunately, any discomfort he feels at this point is fleeting at best and his body will soon be put to far better use by the hungry scout.

Well, that's what almost happened anyway. As it turned out, Mangle managed to pull off a last second change of fortune and gets to survive, at least until the next scenario we run.

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