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Armed Engines by Bite20

Armed Engines


I thought of a 2D mobile vehicular combat game called Armed Engines where you play as a customizable protagonist on a team of car combatants.

You guys are involved in a contest where you blow up other opponents cars with your car armed to the teeth with weapons. You know, guns, missile/rocket launchers, flamethrowers, mines, smoke screen, oil slicks, spike strips, caltrops, etc.

The team you're on basically serves as your pit crew with you as the driver, one as the leader, some as the mechanics, one as the stocker and the others as garage guards.

You can choose your gender, anthro species, height, voice etc.

You're referred to as "New Guy" at first by the team since you're the newest member. Then when you accomplish more and get more respect from your team as well as the audience you are referred to as "Wheeler" as well as other succeeding ranks. Then when you get the most respect and experience you're called "Speed Stomper" which is the greatest honor.

I'm not quite sure what the story for the game is other than what I've mentioned above.

I mean it takes place in the city in the present day, there's some sort of car combat contest for some reason despite how uncivil it is, there's no humans just anthro animals.

The game would be rated at the very least "T for Teen" based on the violence, mild language, suggestive themes (like the skimpy clothing, crude humor, etc.

If I had to give a premise for what I have so far for the story I guess it'd be this:

You an average joe that wants to be an above average driver combat driver enter the national "Armed Engines" championship to get fame, fortune and excitement!

Problem is nobody wants you! Other than getting your driver's license and dicking around in your used car for a bit doing dumb tricks like silly donuts and mediocre skids you don't have experience and teams don't want that! They want someone who's been kicking ass and burning rubber for quite awhile and you'd didn't even get started!

It's the old situation of "Need experience for job, need job for experience!" situation and it's really frustrating!

Luckily a pit crew that's been down on their luck failing time and time again due to poor teamwork, training as well as (mortally losing drivers) they're desperate too! So after running into each other and explaining the situations you decide to join them.

I'll say more later.