AW15 Week 3 - 90s Cartoons by Bitcoon

AW15 Week 3 - 90s Cartoons


25 January 2015 at 01:28:06 MST

Oh man look at all those cartoons! I probably could have made some more finished pieces of these with the time I had, actually, but I'm at least happy how the sketches came out.

Man, I watched a lot of cartoons when I was a kid~ x3

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    wow, great job on all of these. man, so many cartoons, too many to cont that could fill a museum.

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      Heh thanks~ ^^ It was fun revisiting memories of all these shows ^^

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        that pidgey actually stands out a lot to me. great job. doing all these different styles must have been a bit challenging. do you plan on doing more? I'd love to see other shows characters, like the swat kats if you watched them. I love sketches of old cartoons.

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          I remember seeing the Swat Kats a few times. Don't really remember what it was like but I really liked the characters at the time, I think~ ^^

          I should do more style stuff for sure. Since I want to be an artist for video games, I need to be able to adapt to whatever the art director needs ^^

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    Smashing indeed, nice work.