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Bit isn't your average raccoon. You could even say he doesn't really exist. He's an example of what's known as a 'familiar' or a being created by magic manifesting a physical form. In fantasy, familiars are summoned by powerful magicians, but the magic that gives Bit his form seems to be autonomous, like a wandering soul that creates a body to inhabit.

Like all familiars, Bit is technically age-less and gender-less. Well, for simplicity's sake "he" tends to be fine with being called male. But I mean look at him. He's not leaving anything to the imagination and there's nothing between his legs! It's unclear when (and especially how) he came to exist, but his first memory was less than a decade ago. Other than new memories, he's pretty much the same as he was the first day of his life.

Bit is very technical in nature, and his body is like an organic computer, itself powered by electricity generated by copious amounts of junk food ingested through his face-hole. (technical jargon!) He speaks computer language more fluently than any other, and can use his magic to directly control electronics through touch, or even disappear into them, taking himself inside of virtual worlds. Bit thrives off his connection to the internet, as his terrible memory means that he must often query Google or Wikipedia to keep up in conversations. Without it, he's kind of a hopeless wreck. He grows physically weaker if he is away from internet connection too long, as that seems to be a source of power for his magical soul.

Despite his rather unique status, Bit prefers playing video games, listening to music, generally engaging his creativity, goofing around and exploring the galaxy for inspiration. Currently, his professional aspiration is to help people by fighting viruses.

Bit's glow comes from his blood, which is a bright blue liquid crystal that shines visibly even in sunlight. His skin is a medium dark green, sort of like a translucent plastic, so the glow comes out a beautiful, saturated green. His fur covers the glow pretty well in most places, but it shines through anywhere his skin is exposed directly, as well as a number of spots around his face and torso where his fur is transparent, and acts like fiber optics for the glow underneath.
When un-powered, his liquid crystal blood looks like water, and loses its normally sweet, candy-like taste.

Bit's physical body cannot actually control his own magic. It exists as a sort of separate entity to him, acting as his subconscious in some sense. In order to control it with physical actions, he needs his magitech (magical technology, if that wasn't obvious enough) to influence that power.

Bit's collar gives him control over electronics, allowing him to jump into or control any electronic device at a very basic level, changing the flow of electricity in any part completely. It gives him full control over anything that is physically possible for the device to do. The more magic power he has, the more circuits he can influence at once. The power button acts like one on any computer would, putting Bit to sleep or waking him up. This sleep state is how Bit recharges, clears out his short-term memory, and all that good stuff. He can resist going into sleep mode, but holding it down causes a hard reset, which basically knocks him out until someone's nice enough to press it again. Totally not a major weakness!
Without his collar, Bit is basically powerless. If he dies without it, his soul is trapped inside until it is plugged into something. Otherwise, if Bit dies, his magitech stuff disappears and his soul has to gather up more power and find somewhere safe to respawn.

Bit's tail box is a digital storage cube. It turns anything that's put inside into data form, allowing it to be taken back out any time. It could theoretically hold anything, but it has a limited capacity based on the memory in the cube itself. This device is rather unstable and can often generate some strange results when pulling out items. There actually isn't a hole in the cube for Bit's tail to go through - all 6 sides are identical. He simply likes to slip his tail inside one end and pull it out the opposite side. He usually keeps his tail at full length, but he can choose to store most of his tail inside the cube to keep it short.

The Energy Gauntlet is Bit's special weapon, which he can only manifest in virtual worlds. It's a hefty metal gauntlet with attached forearm guard which fits on his off-hand (left). There's a small handle attached by a retractable wire which can generate an energy field in the shape of a blade and guide itself through the air when thrown to slice up baddies from medium range. It's big enough to block attacks pretty well and deliver some decent energy-charged punches, too. The middle finger has a mechanism which activates the retracting spring to pull the blade back. By extending his fingers, the spring will exert a force to pull the blade in, but it can be pulled out. By clenching into a fist, the mechanism locks and the blade will neither retract nor extend further. The weapon has all kinds of uses and allows Bit a pretty good range of moves to surprise foes with.

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    This is a really adorable refsheet! And a lot of pretty neat cyber-powers, too~

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      Thanks! I wasn't gonna go with the 80s cyberspace thing, but then I did anyway because I'm a huge dork~ xwx

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        You captured that "I'm a huge dork" perfectly :P

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    I've always really liked Bit, and it was a pleasure reading about him! Very interesting character indeed. I can't help but wonder how he would interact with my own 'sona; an android with millions of microscopic nanobots flowing through his veins. X3 Either way I just wanna hug him~ XD He's the perfect hugging size!

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      Bit respects AI-driven robots and programs enough to not mess with em. Being too foolish could result in erasing or changing them permanently, and though he usually is careful enough not to let that happen (he doesn't wipe someone's data even while fighting viruses) he would feel really bad if he did.

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        That's very nice of him! X3 I still think it'd be fun to see them interact. Especially since Bit could essentially merge with Lunar. XD Sorry if I'm being weird! @w@

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    What a fascinating character... seriously, I'm intrigued by your OC. Such a cool ring-tailed digital entity!

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    Did you purposely remove his tail in the back view? It just looks plain without his tail!

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      Yeah, his tail is too big and it would get in the way of the reference~