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Com- Billsc26


19 January 2014 at 17:45:22 MST

Single character full-color commission from vallhund

I wanted something more dynamic for my character than him just standing around looking pretty. I didn't actually expect to get a commission slot, so I had to come up with something in a hurry. So here's my character practicing dual-wielding with Skyrim inspired daggers. I'm guessing he probably thinks he's better than he is, and that he got inspired to do this after some serious Skyrim play. He probably plays a Khajiit too...

The bandana is black because I didn't have a colored pic before, so the artist guessed. It's red now, so let's just say he put this black bandana on just for practice.

If you like this image, please go let the artist know or commission them yourself!

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    WHOA! This is badass! You've got a cool character, duuuude~!

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      Thanks! Actually, vallhund did a great job on the commission, I just supplied the cheetah for it :-)

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        Yeah, i looked at her profile. Definitely a person worthy of commissioning! I mostly just like the markings that go out from his eyes to his ears, I think that looks great!

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          It's funny you mention that! The second time I ever commissioned my character, Jijix put those marks in there. I thought it was just something stylistic or even artistic license. But when I asked, the reference pic she had found on Google had them in. So it looks like it's something maybe some cheetahs have or are just inclined towards. It didn't seem to be a breed-specific thing, like with a King Cheetah or something like that.

          Isn't it funny how the little details on a character just sort of develop over time? Without being planned out.

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            Oh really? Huh, interesting. Well yeah, that worked out great. Everything fell into place!

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              Yes, I thought it looked a little funny but have since gotten used to it. Good to know you think so too! Thanks!