King Dedede by BigFuzzyWolf

King Dedede


15 December 2014 at 17:21:07 MST

Part of a commission for jounen - thanks shiny!

I haven't done much Kirby stuff before, but they are definitely happy, colorful games. This sprite is definitely no exception. I had been really looking forward to making it because of the colors, but holy shit..this was a tough one! So many little shades and stuff. It's probably not noticeable, but I had to use a LOT of colors and still couldn't match everything perfectly!

Anyway, I think it turned out pretty decently. It was nice to do a large sprite. Hopefully I will have more coming!

1,658 beads.

Original sprite was provided by the commissioner. I do not have a source on it, but would gladly provide it if it's found.