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Belly Ache Buffet (Samael) by BigFatFae

Belly Ache Buffet (Samael)


1 June 2016 at 00:10:39 MDT

Krissy sat there for what must have been the 4th meal since she came in... The first one was alarmingly big. The second one was alarmingly unnecessary. The third started to cease being alarming. By now, she was used to it, and her stomach had stretched to the point that the amount she was being fed didn't even phase her any more. She was even given a bell to give her some feeling of control! She smiled and looked at all the cute nurses surrounding her... she supposed that, while it may not have been her intent to get as fat as she had... All the attention certainly was nice... Oh, and almost as if psychically, here came Nurse Sam with another cake!

A belated birthday gift from Sam! He drew this with several of my loved ones and close friends in nurse outfits! The scenario is based on a Real place called "Heart Attack Grill". It's got nurses, a ridiculously fattening menu, and if you weigh over a certain amount, your burger is free! Don't know if the place still exists, but it's definitey kinkbait for people like me, haha. But this was wonderful fun, and Sam did such a good job of it!!

Artist and deliverer of fattening treats  Samael

Nurse moving the table out of the way   Cassiel
Nurse calling delivery trucks for emergency supply of food is Hazel
Weighing nurses: Krysta the kitsune and kammyduskpaw


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    Got ourselves a swelling problem here.

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    Originally I wasn't a big fan of Samael's art, but he really has been impressing me lately.