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Brown Punchwork Collar by BigCatDen

Brown Punchwork Collar


Shades of smooth caramel, rich chocolate, dark espresso, and golden tan rest layered in this punchwork collar, accented by the brass hardware. The blending of brown hues allow for a multi-note warmth in this piece, ready to bring any wearer comfort.

I've had a full hide of this espresso-like leather for lining pieces for over a year now and hadn't touched it since for the longest time, I didn't feel it really matched any of the colors properly....Now? I don't want to stop using it because I LOVE how well it works layered with the other browns. Sometimes you just have to throw things down and see how they work in practice versus theory.

Check out other angles, photos, and details on this collar over on Twitter:

Designed and made by myself, BCDC