Knoxin's Spikes & Bats Collar by BigCatDen

Knoxin's Spikes & Bats Collar


27 October 2020 at 12:09:49 MDT

Groups of bats fly silhouetted against a dark, night sky lit only by golden stars, spikes line either side of this collar, and rolled leather lining gives the wearer all the comfort they could need. Made for Knoxin, this piece is a perfect kickstart to such a spooky month~

This piece took a bit longer to create than I had expected, but I'm so darn pleased with the results that it was worth it. Instead of the usual orientation of the D-ring being its usual vertical self along the strap, decided for a horizontal hang-down approach which allows for a faceplate to be added to the collar. Said faceplate? Bat~ The bats flying around the collar are all hand tooled and the stars are accented with metallic gold paint to light up the night sky. Thank you so so much for ordering, Knoxin, this piece was a blast to work on with you!

Check out the other bats flying around the collar in some close-up shots on my Twitter:

Created with and for Knoxin
Made by myself, BCDC


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    aaa so gorgeousssss

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      Thanks, Dee! <3 <3