Tianti's Runed Filigree Collar & Cuff Set by BigCatDen

Tianti's Runed Filigree Collar & Cuff Set


19 September 2020 at 20:20:23 MDT

Carved runes are bordered on either side by delicate punchwork, and blue handsewn edges frame all within this set made for LordNowe's mate, frostthestallion1. I've wanted to mix a bit of carved designs with punchwork before, but hadn't had a chance to really try it out until now. Pretty dang pleased with the results. Thank you again, Tianti, and I hope you all enjoy the set!

Check out some other views and close ups of this set over on my Twitter:

Collar & Cuffs created for and with LordNowe for frostthestallion1
Made by myself, BCDC