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TFF 2020 Artshow Pieces by BigCatDen

TFF 2020 Artshow Pieces


Going to Texas Furry Fiesta 2020? Wanting to get yourself a stylish, handcrafted collar? These three beauties will be up for auction in the Artshow from friday till saturday night. Be sure to snag them before they disappear! Of these you have 2 new collars and 1 older but still favorite of mine:

  • Lapis-Beaded Collar with its hand-selected lapis lazuli beads sewn onto the tan top-strap, tooled brown back-strap, and a soft fur lining

  • Double black filigree collar w/ black rolled leather lining, sporting the pattern from this beauty, stainless steel hardware and silver stitchwork bordering the punched design

  • Centennial collar, first of its kind and really damn hard to let go <3 wearing the filigree punchwork design of my Centennial Bracelet in dark brown, it sits atop a light brown back-strap, solid brass hardware, and a lovely tan fur-lining. It's one you're absolutely going to want to see in person.

Check out the close-ups over on my twitter page!

All collars made by myself, BCDC