BigCat's Floral Collar by BigCatDen

BigCat's Floral Collar


20 January 2020 at 22:16:33 MST

Aged, flowering vines weave along the top strap, their leaves antiqued with time. Beneath there sits a dark brown back strap, its face scarred from times gone past. A soft, hand-stitched leather liner lies below that cushioning the neck while worn. In this collar, vintage personality meets modern comforts~

It was about time that I made myself a collar, right? Huge thank you to Lexadant for commissioning this collar and giving me the confidence to make a jump and experiment a little bit for this piece. Each leaf and flower was painted using a toothpick...and that process was a lot more tedious than expected LOL. Didn't know how well they'd hold up to wear so we'll see how it goes. One accidental boon I found was with the leaves paint. It's of a different brand than the white was, so it didn't take as good of a hold onto the leather. This allowed it to get that worn-away/rubbed look. That, plus the antiquing, really pulls off the vintage look which I absolutely LOVE.

I wanted something to be able to show as a personal example of what I could do for future works, and I think I've truly found it. No matter how big or small your contribution has been, you helped me get here, and it hasn't even been a year yet since I first officially opened for custom work. To everyone who has commissioned and/or supported me, and my work, thank you so much. I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. ❤️

Check out other close up views of the details on this collar over on my twitter!