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Black Filigree Bracelet w/ Amber Inlay by BigCatDen

Black Filigree Bracelet w/ Amber Inlay


A commissioned piece for Snowey over on FA, this bracelet features hand-designed filigree patterns surrounding a 7 karat cabochon of real amber. This stone is absolutely beautiful when seen in the light. It's vivid hue is intertwined with sparkling flecks and even a small piece of what I can only imagine to be petrified tree bark or leaf. To think that this little piece inside there is millions of years old along with the stone itself is absolutely incredible. This was an absolute pleasure to work with you on creating, and I'm so pleased with the results. I hope you are too, its stunning ❤️

Check out a closer look on the amber over on my twitter post:

Bracelet made for Snowey
Made by myself, BCDC

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