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Brown Filigree Collar & Cuffs Set by BigCatDen

Brown Filigree Collar & Cuffs Set


The warmth of two-tone browns, softness of natural rabbit fur, and elegance of hand-punched filigree design come together in this set to let the wearer show off yet still feel humble. This is one of the first combo sets I've made and it definitely wont be the last. Really pleased with the results of both the punchwork and how the brown tones layer atop each other. I need to look into making short leashes to accompany these pieces 👀

Want a chance at getting your hands on this wonderful set? They'll be up for sale at Furry Siesta 2019 coming up here in July! If they aren't sold at con, then they'll become available online afterwards. Keep an eye out, these may not last long~

Check out some extra photos over on my twitter:

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