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Jasper-inlaid Filigree Bracelet by BigCatDen

Jasper-inlaid Filigree Bracelet


Made as a prototype for a commission, this was my first attempt at creating an inlaid bracelet and I'm super proud of the results! The stone is a piece of poppy jasper from Mexico, filled with streaks and splashes of red, black, and white. This piece sits elegantly on the wrist and would be a perfect addition to anyone's outfit~
If you're going to FurrySiesta coming up in July, you'll have first dibs at buying this beauty! After that, I'll be listing it up online for everyone else.

Check out some extra photos of the bracelet here!

Like this or see something else in my gallery that you like? I take commissions!


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    Beautiful piece of work. I'll be definitely keeping you in mind for the future for my own accessory needs.

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      awesome, Im glad you like it! I look forward to working with you if ever such a need arises ^^