Floral Arm Bracers by BigCatDen

Floral Arm Bracers


5 April 2019 at 15:14:58 MDT

Super proud to be able to share these with y'all finally. This project's been a WIP for a while now and only recently did I get a chance to truly work on tooling these up since I wanted them complete before TFF2019. But yeah, this was my first true attempt at tooling leather other than my wallet and my arms were tingling by the end of all the hammering on the last piece LOL. Hopefully will have them be a commission option later but Ive got to figure out the price ranges for em depending on complexity. That being said, I also need to see about tweaking the size of them as well, they fit the husband's arms way better than my own :p

The designs for these are all custom made, hand carved, tooled, stained, and dyed.
The main pieces are made of 8-9oz veg tanned leather, and insides are lined with black goatskin.

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