Adoptable Beast Busts [3/3 OPEN] by BERSERKERX-12

Adoptable Beast Busts [3/3 OPEN]


30 November 2014 at 10:58:20 MST

Some bust designs!

I know some peeps can be strapped for cash so I made some adopts that I wouldn't have to price as high as usual


-If you are going to sell them please no more than you bought them for! (unless they come with additional art)

-These adoptables are BUSTS and BUSTS ONLY, they do not come with additional art. The body design is left up to you!

-Comment to claim! be ready to pay immediately!

-for 20$ I can design the body of your adoptable, and if you get a commission of them in the future you will get a discount!

-Upon purchase you will receive a larger unwatermarked version of your adoptable!

-please give credit to me when you first draw the adoptable or post them in your gallery~

  1. Seafaring mood: 7$

  2. Uplifting tempo: 7$

  3. Sapphire snap: 7$