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Fruit adoptables [1/2 OPEN] by BERSERKERX-12

Fruit adoptables [1/2 OPEN]


10 February 2014 at 09:51:00 MST

Fruit adoptables! Dragon fruit and Mango.

They are both 10$ each, upon purchase you will receive a larger watermark free file. These adoptables are on a first come first serve basis. I am open for customs for 15$ as well nwn

-You may repost these adoptable in your gallery after purchase.
-Please give credit if you post these designs in your gallery or elswhere.
-You may change the design how ever you please!
-You may not resale the adoptable for more than what you purchased it for.

Dragon fruit: Closed (Top one)
Mango: Open (Bottom one)

If you'd like to suggest fruit for future fruit adoptables feel free to!


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    you should totes make a durian next

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      I will totes put that on the list >:3