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Helpless Under the Sea by Benj24

Helpless Under the Sea


17 April 2015 at 13:07:54 MDT

trade with a friend from other site

First time challenge the undersea scene, this is really a special work to do.
and about this pic, he wants his oc Bradley the Raccoon tickled by Steven the Wolverine.
I have to admit, they are so adorable, really happy to draw this pic :)

Bradley the Raccoon & Steven the Wolverine ©


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    I dunno about this....don't they know it's not safe to tickle someone when they're scuba diving? lol

    Keep up the good work! ^w^

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      Thanks Zinny X3
      well, maybe we're going to dive someday and have this kind of situation lol
      sure i'm the tickler >:3

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        You're welcome! ^w^

        Heheh....if ever such a situation would arise, I think would quickly swim up to the questions asked. XD