Further Confusion Twenty Twerkteen [THE MONTAGES] by Ben

Further Confusion Twenty Twerkteen [THE MONTAGES]


13 April 2013 at 11:03:08 MDT

SO, Tigon asked me to make a mix of just the montages from FC, so I did! If you didn’t want to watch all 90 minutes of Twenty Twerkteen, here’s (arguably) the best twenty minutes in one video. The montages in this video represent weeks of hard work, so share it with your friends if you enjoy it!

If this is your first time hearing of Further Confusion Twenty Twerkteen and you'd like to watch the whole film, click here!

To download the mashups in this video, visit these links:

C’mon, Dance On Your Own Thru The Spectrum - https://soundcloud.com/fix4te/cmon-dance-on-your-own-thru

A Million Beat Downs - https://soundcloud.com/fix4te/a-million-beat-downs

2 Gold Headz - https://soundcloud.com/fix4te/2-gold-headz

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    Man, this makes me miss cons. This video got me dancing, haha.

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      Ahhh I'm glad. <3 FC was easily -the- best convention I've ever been to though. Feel free to watch the whole movie if you want. c:

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    Like above thism akes me msis cons to, but I'm refusing to go to any now till next AC when I will be 100 pounds lighter! RAWR

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      neext ac, meaning next years not this one

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        I see! Well, I hope the whole weightloss thing goes swimmingly! There's a lot of people whose fat I would gladly just take cause I'm too skinny for my own good, but alas. ):

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          *gives you his fat* lol