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A Simple Case Of Overeating by belicbear

A Simple Case Of Overeating


15 February 2013 at 18:42:55 MST

*groan* I shouldn't have eaten that last salmon . . . or that moose . . . or that group of hikers. *belch*

(Me in my biggest bear suit.)

((Another round of transferring submissions to Weasyl))

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    Aren't you always over eating? :o And your fursuit is always so cool x3 just makes me either want to hug you until my arms fall off to sit on your stomach until I become really uncomfortable lol

    • Link's what I do! XD Thanks so much for the kind comment, pal! *hugs tight*

      And you are MORE than welcomed to hug me and use me for a sofa! ;o)

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        *Hugsss* I won't "use" you as a sofa :3, makes it sound forced xD, only if you want me to have you as a sofa :3 lol, it'll be comfortable, I'm sure lol~

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          LOL It's not as bad as "rape me like sofa" or something. XD Just cuddle your ass up to the big bear and relax! ;o)

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            Raping sounds kinky but no xD, but I loooove cuddling, especially big bears, so I'll have to take you up on that offer, duuude~ :33

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    Like your room setup very nice to Hibernate in.

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      Thanks so much, brother bear! *hugs*

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        Anytime, i just love your fursuit and cave setup your a lucky bear

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    Theres just something warm and safe feeling about a big furry belly to me.

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    I remember you saying, some time ago, that you were going to obtain an even bigger suit. Have you still decided to do that or have you given up on the idea? Anyway, I love the suit in this particular photo!

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    Glad you like the photo, fat wolf! hugs you against his giant gut This suit just barely squeezes through doorways, so I think it's big enough. Not only can I not afford another suit, but a bigger one would be impractical.