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Fursuit Commission Quotes are Open

on 1 July 2015 at 12:04:25 MDT


Email me with a related subject title (example "Quote for red and black wolf halfsuit" "Quote for Rufus the blue dragon head" "Artistic liberty feline fullsuit")

include links to or attachments showing what you want, or give me a brief description.

I will email you back a copy-pasta with my ordering terms of sale and a full list of prices. At the bottom of this copy-pasta I will personally list the cost of things specific to your order.

You will copy that price list in your reply and delete all that you do not want, then email me back with the remaining things from the list, and there you go, your quote and everything you need to know about ordering from me! And I have a neat tidy list of what you want for the fursuit which will help me later if I choose you.

If you can afford the quote then you will be put on my list to choose from, I am only choosing 5-10 orders this time! If you do not hear back from me by July 10th then I am sorry, you were not chosen and must try again next time.

By July 8th those I choose will be contacted, I require the 30% down payment by July 15th otherwise your spot will be given to one of the runner-ups!

My email is

Note: as a reminder I do not do the following and will ignore emails for quotes concerning the following:
I do not do copyrighted anything aside from realistic natural looking animals (a white wolf can be Kiba or Morro for example)
The only stand alone item you can get is a head, for example you can get a head with hand paws but not just hand paws.
And I do not make "murrsuits"

PS: my site says I am opening in October, this July opening right now is my main opening and I plan to take like 3 things in October to help keep up my cash flow.

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    You have very impressive work! Do you have any advice for fursuiting? I've always wanted to make one.

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    wow, I think I might have more page views ! ;P Anyway, yes. I think it's time to start maintaining and developing my Weasyl page & transition away from FA for the very same reasons. I too, do not wish to be associated with adult content. What would my aunts and cousins think if they happened to do a web search on my character, and a bunch of related FA porn popped up on their search engine screen? I don't want that to happen.

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    Glad you're here!

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    Yay I'm so happy I found you on weasyl!

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    OK got you faved here now too :)