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Jenna - Toys R me Pin up by Bear213

Jenna - Toys R me Pin up


Ok, I knew that Toy's R Us finally went bankrupt and I think I was the only one in my job doing the happy jig because they screwed me over awhile ago. With that said, I am not a spiteful person...
And then I saw  suirano amazing drawing of the Toy's R Us Giraffe as a girl. My initial reaction was "DAMN IT, why didn't I think of that!" along with some private time, anyways, I decided to take a page from his book and draw the Toy's R Us Jeffery the Giraffe as a female, then I thought, this is just copying, so I did some head cannon and made Jenna the Giraffe, sister to Jeffery, she is now in my Naughty Charizard world where the villien known as Fat Tongue has her as one of his "Workers."
I need to draw him in a way that makes you all hate him, but make him still catching to the eye. Well that's enough of a rant from me. If you want to see the naked version, pay a visit to Patreon, or just wait till I post it here. If you want to support more of these lude art pics from me, support me on Patreon. Every dollar helps to make another picture quicker.

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