Sahiim Paperdoll by BeakyBeast

Sahiim Paperdoll


24 March 2018 at 22:29:05 MDT

If you follow my tumblr , twitter or peeked in on any of my streams, you may have caught a few peeks at the work going on with this one. This is the FA friendly one in terms of size, I have a full breakdown of this on my twitter and tumblr.

This has been a beast of a project that I've been chipping away on over the course of this month. Though it may not look it with how I've got this assorted, each of those tack and barding sets outside the first set of tack and the base, has multiple pieces that are put together to make them. This has been a nice learning experience in terms of figuring out how to make a detailed paperdoll and design outfits for them. I'll be making more for my headworld characters, and in the future I may open these for commissions if they get enough interest. I also decided to time these to see how long it takes to make them. I'll say more about it below along with listing out the amount of pieces to each set and individual hours spent.

Total Hours Spent: 44:42 hrs.

Left To Right:
1. Base 3 hrs
2. Tack Set 1: 1 piece, 3:30 hrs
3. Barding Set 2: 5 pieces, 11 hrs
4. Barding Set 3: 8 pieces, 13:12 hrs
5. Barding Set 4: 3 pieces, 14 hrs