Liminus Fullbody Sketch [COM] by BeakyBeast

Liminus Fullbody Sketch [COM]


24 March 2018 at 17:01:48 MDT

A fullbody sketch for a client on discord. They wanted their dragon character character Liminus leaning against a wall while holding a ball of fire, looking at the viewer. This was my first discord commission and the first time I had to work off of a lowpoly 3D model, which provided some of its own challenges in terms of interpreting the character to my own style. One was figuring out a way to draw the head, they reminded me of a crocodile/alligator so I used a few refs of those for the face.

I also changed up my initial steps this time around, taking a bit of time to hash out some pose thumbs to nail down how to go about things instead of just jumping into it. I think the extra time paid off, since it allowed me a chance to visualize some dynamic looking and engaging postures, along with just searching for good refs to draw ideas from. The client seemed happy with the result, so that's also a win-win for me.

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