BC character Ref. Sheet by Bauermaik

BC character Ref. Sheet


26 January 2014 at 08:12:19 MST

(BC = border collie, not his name)
After chatting with buds about our dog OCs and such, I thought that well, Syber just didn't feel like my alter ego. Sure she represented my love towards border collies well, but.. I just am more comfortable without any alter egos or fursonas, however you call them. (Rena-fox will still always be a special character to me, a part of me. Almost like an alter, but not quite.)
Therefore Syber will stay as my regular character, but this boy here will replace her as my main OC. He remains nameless untill I come up with a good name for him, and the character itself may go through changes if I feel like it. But too radical changes there isn't going to be, I think.

Border collie is my #1 fav breed of all dogs for a long time, thanks to my friend's bordercollies that totally stole my heart. Therefore, a border collie OC definitely fits me! I developed him by thinking about things I like, but that's enough to tell you about his design.
There may also appear more accessories than only the dogtags, but I won't go too out-of-a-dog-character with them.
Wanted to keep it simple as it is a reference sheet. I got to say I'm proud of that linework.

Traditional lineart made with Staedtler "pigment liner 0.05"
Colorwork and others made digitally
Artwork and character © Me

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    aaww what a nice border collie X3