Fires Burn Like Fires Do by Bauermaik

Fires Burn Like Fires Do


21 January 2014 at 14:43:41 MST

Submitting some of my most recent artworks here on Weasyl too.

This here is my vixen character, Rena, who used to be (and partially still is) my alter ego. I haven't drawn her for a long time. She's very important for me, as by drawing her I got over my art-crisis I had in the beginning of last summer. I don't know why it was just this character, but I grew to love her, and she'll always be one of my favourite characters I've ever had.
As I looked at my gallery, it's been lately filled with so many blue-toned artworks that it was a good time to produce something red and warm.
I'd love to list all the songs I listened to stay motivated, like several tracks from Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, TriORE, Roger Waters and a bit of Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Nightcore + tons of epic soundtracks from movies and games.

But yeah, I guess I've got nothing else to say. It feels good to finish something I've put alot of effort to.

Artwork © Bauermaik

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