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Is being a Creator all that is cracked up to be?

on 19 August 2015 at 10:55:10 MDT

Hello, as I was reading through the tropes of Fallen Creators and Creator Breakdowns, is it really worth it.

It's hard to tell went success is the middle point of your life until you fall down into mediocrity and controversy at the end your career or life. Music, Television, Comics, all forms of artistic prowess to entertain and inform the world of creativity.
I can't even see the goodness of it when the background of them is just saddening. People become callous, distraught, or ashamed that they can never live it down forever. It could be their co-workers, their friends, family, business, or fanbase'. I don't even know if being popular of your skill of writing, drawing, filming, or composing just leads to ones inevitable demise of your fame or life. I want to be a creator. I have ideas that just want to be brought to someone, but the constant reminder of all of these events, controversies, breakdown, deaths, and instigation's just frighten me to no end. I'm sorry, but if that is the fate of any creator from George Lucas to a smaller celebrity who "disappears" from the internet entirely, then why should I continue and try...

Please share this journal to any other "creator" on this site and beyond.
And comment about any creator (movie director, writer, artist, singer, actor, inventor, etc.) who you liked or inspired you, but then became bad and made you no longer care for them anymore...

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