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Side Job


17 January 2018 at 11:10:56 MST

A lost piece of art from  keytosomewhere please go give Key's page and gallery a look.

Fearsome fun and mightyness, thanks so much for this!

Original can be faved here.

I really thought I had posted this already...Apparently not. Heheh. Enjoy Responsibly.

So amongst my wanderings I find myself in a far off land, in this shop with many many books.
And I meet a lion fellow named Bart, he runs this place and is looking for some help.
At first I had thought he needed something guarded while it was travelling, or perhaps retrieve a stolen item, but no he needs some help sorting some books in the store, and with some he anticipates coming soon. Not my usual kind of help for someone, and books are not something I really deal with much at all, but Bart assures me that I would be ideal for this type of work. I had already agreed to help, and I had nearly 2 months til I was to meet up with friends near here, so I took the job until then.

Food, a place to stay, and for once not having to deal with town guard and frightened townsfolk panicking about "the outlander barbarian", or "that monstrous beast"
Truth be told once they found out I was a book "sorter" for the store, people seemed somewhat relieved to see me around, and even friendly. Even with it being my very first day, and them meeting me for the first time.
Day one, the work was really uneventful and quite boring, tho being Taur I didn't need a ladder for the high shelves.
The start of my second day however, and most days after, for that matter were much more to my liking, and suited my talents very nicely indeed, as you can see.
Bart was quite right, I actually am quite well suited as a book "sorter"
I had no idea book work was so intense, I will have to reevaluate my opinion of book keepers and librarians.
Many tell me the pen is mightier than the sword. Fortunately I prefer claws, muscles, and spears.
Who knew books could be so interesting?

Bast belongs to me basttw

Bart, the bookstore, and all those special books, that need sorting belong to  keytosomewhere

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